Shopping Information

Where can I buy products made by FandEMic?

FandEMic sells its products across various licensed stores. We do our best to pick stores with a solid work ethic producing the highest quality end products. With different stores specializing in a variety of products, we created an online catalogue linking each item to the best places to buy them online. 

Why is a design shown in your portfolio not for sale?

There are two possible reasons for this. The design has either been discontinued or is still waiting to find a licensed home among retailers. It can take a while for designs to get approved and although it’s the harder route, getting a design properly licensed before offering it in the catalogue is the right thing to do. That being said, if you would like to see it sold somewhere, we would love to receive your help by contacting your favourite store and linking the design through our portfolio.  

How do I figure out my size?

Every shop has a different sizing chart. If you can’t find it on their online store, let us know through our contact form by writing to us. We are happy to direct you to the right place and help you select the right size for you. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

The short answer: generally, yes! We are based in Canada and do much of our business within the US which means that as a general rule, if it can be shipped to us, it most likely can be shipped to you. We try to pick retailers that offer shipping internationally at the lowest possible cost, although expect longer waiting times in such cases. If it makes you feel any better, we wait for our own parcels to arrive just as long as you. 

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Shipping methods depend on the stores you buy FandEMic products from. To get accurate answers, we strongly recommend consulting their online stores. 

Product Information

Who designs FandEmic products?

While the original art and designs are created by Emilie Boisvert, it couldn’t be done without a team of product designers who assist her by setting up her designs in fun and original ways on a variety of products. It’s a FandEMic time of fan-girling our way through new ideas (Our idea board is a monstrously huge!) It is also thanks to the team  that more and more products grace the internet.   

Follow Emilie Boisvert on Social Media: 

Artist and Designer - Emilie Boisvert
I posted a photo on social media, how do I link FandEMic?

Hashtagging #fandemic is a great way for us to find you on social media. Using our social media links and posting to Emilie Boisvert’s facebook page is also a great way to show off your new wares.

I am a licensed store owner. How can I sell your designs?

For information on how to sell our designs, please use our contact form

I am not a licensed store owner. How can I sell your designs?

Although we are fangirls, we also love providing original content. For information on commissioning designs thematically based on non-licensed material please use the contact form to get in touch. On occasion – and mostly for fun – we produce parodies which sometimes fall under this category. 

I am a YouTuber/Cosplayer and would like to feature your design(s). How do I go about doing so?

We are avid YouTube watchers (in three languages – four if you include Verlan: The backwards backward language of the French) and big fans of cosplayers and anyone willing to model our clothing is encouraged to contact us

Can I tattoo one of your designs?

Absolutely! We love tattoos and are honoured to see our work appear on people. So much in fact that we are happy to help you find the right artist in your area to best transmit the artwork correctly onto your skin. We also encourage you to send us photos of the finished work through our contact page

I have discovered your designs sold by a non-authorized seller (essentially theft). What do I do?

First of all, we really appreciate your concern and the effort you make to help us right the wrongs. There are many ways you can help. You can contact us directly either through social media or by using our online contact form

We know that it’s next to impossible to fish thieves out entirely, and the feeling of finding a design – which took many hours to create – was merely stolen sits heavily in the pit of our stomachs. As such we are thankful for your effort in notifying us. Every little bit helps.

Has your question not been answered?

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